White tiger moon

Emerging from the dept of the shadow and following the hype and streak of the Tigers ,Comes the true symbol of Power " WHITE TIGER MOON"
In ancient times,the white tiger symbolizes power and army. Therefore, many things named after the white tiger and are related to military affairs, such as the white tiger flag in the ancient army and the symbol that can command the army.
Contract : 0x72d97aD5694e0ff5a9e33bd83BA281Bb8cFa0b38

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Community Powered

White Tiger Moon is fully decentralized and owned by its fun. Vibrant community enthusiast volunteers welcome and embrace diverse perspectives to build ​​White Tiger Moon into the best community in crypto

Secure & Safe

Liquidity will be locked for as long as the community requires it and will be extended continuously as per request and voting of all the holders.


White Tiger Moon was also launched on Pancakewap with the Binance Smart Chain network, allowing users to buy and sell these tokens easily. However, like other cryptocurrencies, the value of ​White Tiger Moon is very volatile and can change dramatically in a short time.

White Tiger Moon

The trade tax on our ​White Tiger Moon token serves as a revenue ​​White Tiger Moon for our project, allows token distribution to incentivize and reward contributors, helps to increase the overall value of our token by reducing the overall supply, funds community development initiatives, and creates a liquidity pool for the token. The goal of the project is to create a secure, reliable and valuable token for the community, team and investors.

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White Tiger Moon was launched on the decentralized Binance Smart Chain network in the world of trade and investment. ​​​White Tiger Moon a future project, will only start at the beginning of the year, like Shiba INU, which aims to build a strong crypto community.

Enter Dex

Phase 1

  • tg creation
  • twitter creation
  • contact creation
  • stealth launch
  • pay trending

Phase 2

  • ntm listing
  • ave update
  • moontok listing
  • dextools update
  • website live

Phase 3

  • shiba army twitter post
  • goal to achieve 500-1k holders
  • apply cmc 100k mc
  • cmc listing
  • audit

How to buy ?

Open your trust wallet on your phone ( device ) or metamask on your computer
Visit https://pancakeswap.finance/
Connect your wallet
Input official contract of ​White tiger moon
Contract: 0x72d97aD5694e0ff5a9e33bd83BA281Bb8cFa0b38
Input how much you will buy with BNB
Set slippage
Press swap button


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Emerging from the dept of the shadow and following the hype and streak of the Tigers ,Comes the true symbol of Power " WHITE TIGER MOON"